The last couple nights I’ve been hearing saws in the basement.  Lucia’s birthday gift is close to finished.  (Ryan: I love what you can do with a saw!)

Did I tell you we’re having a party for Lucia on her birthday?  My parents, younger sisters, and our good friends Jay and Emily will be joining us!  I’m so excited to celebrate our first year with Lucia.

Tonight as I was giving Lucia her bottle I watched Jameson walk down the hall to his room dragging his rodeo blanket behind him.  I reflected on remodeling our upstairs as we planned to get pregnant for the first time!  I remembered watching Ryan assemble the crib and waiting anxiously eleven days past my due date to meet Jameson.  Then 22 months later I was eleven days over due again.  🙂  Anxious to meet our girl and wondering what the days ahead would bring.  I can tell you they bring a whirlwind.  Our life is wrapped up in raising these two.   I waited for this day and don’t want a day to go by without stopping to watch Jameson dragging his rodeo blanket behind him or soaking in Lucia’s sweet new smile with her one top tooth.  This year will go bye too fast.  I know it.

March 2010

40 weeks pregnant with Lucia Mae and needing to schedule a hair appointment!


One thought on “Reminiscing

  1. Sounds like fun! Sure wish we could be there to celebrate with you guys. I am glad though, that you will have some of your family there to rejoice with you. Be sure to sing Happy Birthday to Lucia for me 🙂

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