Her gift

I told you all a couple weeks ago that I had found the perfect gift for Lucia’s first birthday.    I really did find the perfect gift!  And – I also mentioned here that my husband (aka: a genius) found the instructions online to create this beauty.  Drum roll please…..

Lucia’s new kitchen

If you’d like to make your own children’s kitchen, you can find the instructions here.  Though, doesn’t it look much cuter with the red and white paint?   Have I mentioned before I’m in love with paint?  Yeah, I think I have. 🙂

Speaking of kitchens, I’m trying to avoid ours at all costs today.  I’ve been on a liquid diet now for 18 hours.  All I can think about is food.  I’ve got a headache.  My stomach is scaring the kids.  I’m looking thinner by the hour… well, maybe not that far!  Lets just say tomorrow and eating will be a very good thing.


4 thoughts on “Her gift

  1. Love it! You guys are such special parents. It is fun to see your love grow and multiply as your family grows. 🙂 Gosh, you should have another one. 😉

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