BIG News

We’re hoping changes are in store for the Underwood family!

After discussion in the last weeks, Ryan and I have decided to sell our house!  Not only are we putting a for sale sign up, we’ll be the sellers.  We have no problem calling a realtor to do the work if we haven’t sold in the first couple months, but being that we both enjoy rolling up our sleeves in the name of saving $… what better way to add to our down payment for the next house??  We can’t think of one.

We’re excited at the hope of getting something larger in the area for our family as we both think 2 kiddos isn’t the majic number for us.  And, we’d love to have a bit more space for out of town friends and family when they visit.  You guys are the first to hear about this!  So, if you’re looking for a charming home in the Denfeld area or know someone who is… Please  forward this post on or give us a call.  Here are a few details on our home.  It’s approximately 1200 square feet, 2+ bedrooms, and 1.5 baths.  We have a one car garage as well as a pull in driveway on a corner lot.  We’ve completely renovated the kitchen and main bath, painted throughout the house (including exterior), replaced the roof, and redone flooring.  Here are a few recent shots of the interior:


We’ve loved this home and are quite certain the next buyers will as well!


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