The start

House thoughts are whirling at the Underwoods.  This weekend will be the start to our adventure.  Personally, I can’t wait!  Saturday morning we meet with our realtor to look at a few houses.  One has already caught our eyes as runner up.   Please charming white house -be the one.  We already have ideas of what our life together could be!

I asked Jameson at dinner the other night if he thinks we should get a new house soon.  

His response: “Mom, I could pack my stuff up in my lightning mcqueen backpack”.

(Its safe to say Jameson is on board!)

April will mean lots of cleaning for me as we show our house.  I’ll be putting my Norwex to work!  I’m half way through Organized Simplicity which I bought before we decided to list our house this spring.  How is that for good timing?  The book defines “simplicity” not as what you give up, but as what you gain.  By removing the clutter, you are able to focus on the most important things.  True.  I’m off to find that clutter…


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