Sorry, I know you’re anxious for the update on the charming white house!  I’m not sure what happened to the past week… I’ve been meaning to sit down and write again.  Or even just sit down! 

Well- the charming white house was charming (in many ways).  The front of the house had a large enclosed porch with a swing, the living room had a fireplace, it had a large formal dining room, a good lot,  and we were told there were hardwood floors throughout.  I love hardwood!  Of course, we were told about the hardwood because we’d have to rip out some nasty carpet to find it.  Both Ryan and I saw potential!!  But, there were two huge draw-backs.  There was only one bathroom and the shower  should only be used by someone 5′ 4″ or shorter and the three bedrooms were layed out much like our current house which is a problem.  (Obviously a bathroom layout and location of bedrooms is not an easy change).    And so… the charming white house is not for the Underwoods. 

Saturday we also made the first steps on listing our house:

We not only put up a sign, but listed our house MLS so realtors will find it.  (We’re guessing thats the way to go with so much being done on-line)?   And… our first showing is scheduled for tomorrow!!   

We’ve been on the buying end once before, but never the selling.  There are quite a few emotions as I think about making home somewhere else.  We’ve not only done a lot to this house – we’ve done a lot IN this house.  This has been our first house.  These emotions are a good reminder of how imporant home is to me and the memories we’re making in our home. 

I’m off to clean yet again..


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