Six houses down.   As much as I love houses, looking at them, and getting ideas… I’m wanting to seal the deal.  Just because it takes time.  It’s another part time job these days!   On the flip side I’m really glad that we’re being pickier this time around.  Its a big deal. 

We toured another house last night.  A white one.  (Why don’t people paint their houses?)  We loved elements of this house too.  It had a HUGE back yard for being a Duluth home… a sweet outdated kitchen, hardwood floors, and built in hutch.  Still there were the couple problems that weren’t easy to work around.  There was no dining room and the master bedroom was so small we would’ve had to swap our queen size bed for bunks.  Not gonna happen.   And so…  white house #2 is not for the Underwoods.

I’ve been doing a lot of driving in potential neighborhoods.  This morning I packed up Jameson and Lucia and we drove by two more house potentials.  Location is everything to Ryan and I.  I want to see the neighborhood, compare houses on the street, and check out the yard.  If we don’t find what we’re looking for there… its not worth seeing the inside.  Two more houses to cross off the list.  Jameson had a lot to say about the houses this morning.    After driving by one house he said:

” mom, that’s a nice yard.  I don’t think they have bunny poop over there”. 

What a kid.  Yes, a clean yard would be nice.  House hunting is on hold for the weekend.  Tonight one of my college girlfriends and her husband are in town and will spend the night with us!  Tomorrow Ryan has the annual fundraising banquet at work.  It’s a big weekend.  I’m ready to play.  Happy Friday!


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