Is to live together, to laugh together, to love together, to share the course of our lives with those who care about us. 

It is never to face heartache alone, to freely rejoice at our blessings, and to share in the blessings of others.  It is to learn to relate to each other, work out our differences, help each other grow, and nurture each other’s talents and giftings. 

It is to hold a hand, share a hug, blow a kiss, and know that we are part of something larger than ourselves.. eternal and a gift of God called… our family. 

Lucia is ripping paper now.  This evening she ripped out this insert from a journal of mine.  My sister Kate had given me a copy of this years ago.   I’ve been thinking of Kate today.  Today was the day she meets her daughter in Ethiopia!  I’m packing our family bags tonight as we’ll spend the next few days with my niece and nephew waiting for their parents to come home with their baby.  This process has been long.  This process has been beautiful.  My heart already loves you, Addis.  We are rejoicing in the blessing! 


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