Cleaning Strategy

Well.. its been over a month since the Norwex giveaway at Underwooddays.  I was hoping to offer a special here on Earth Day but missed that over the past weekend with being away and trying to help referee four kids moving in opposite directions! 🙂  So here’s what I’ve got.  Starting today through May 9th (two weeks) I’m offering a spring discount on all Norwex direct orders placed through me.  What does this mean?  Now is the time to buy!   If you haven’t gotten a copy of the 2011 product catalog yet but would like one.. just let me know.  You can also find out more about the products by going to

All orders placed before May 9th will receive a 10% discount.  For those who need a bit more, I’m offering a 20% discount on all orders of $50 or more.  If you’re wondering what to get for your spring cleaning, here are MY top picks.  (Products would also make a good house warming or bridal shower gift!) 

1)  The Enviromental antibacterial Cloth ($15.99).  This is a multipurpose cloth that can be used to clean just about everything.  Its a staple.  Use it dry for dusting or wet for cleaning. 

2) The window cloth ($17.99).   This can be used to clean windows, mirrors, jewelry, and shiny surfaces with water alone. 

3) Dryer Balls ($18.99).  These lift and seperate laundry while softening fabrics.  This reduces drying time cuts drying time in half, static cling, and wrinkles.  Again, without using chemicals. 

4) Dishwashing liquid ($7.99).  Highly concentrated, phosphate free, biodegradable, and lotionized dishwashing liquid is gentle on hands.  It works well in hard water and is an excellent degreaser for dishes or a pre-treatment for stains on clothes.

I’ve got my spring cleaning strategy and thats a good thing because our house turns to a mess within hours!


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