May twenty-eight

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about May 28th.  If you ask Jameson what day that is

he’ll proudly tell you: ” may 28 is my birthday

Last year we started an Underwood family tradition of letting our kids pick a home-made cake design (or dessert) for their birthday.  This year Jameson has requested a hippo cake.  Not sure why- but we’re going with it.   He’s been talking about it for months..

Our boy is going to be three!  Today when I went to daycare to pickup the kids Jameson was out in the playground swinging in a big boy swing.  He looked so much older in that swing.   His converse laces were untied.  He was wearing his baseball cap.  But… he couldn’t wait to tell me that his teacher gave him a “hundred dog“.  I love this boy.


2 thoughts on “May twenty-eight

  1. He’s all boy for sure! I love him, too! We’re still laughing about him calling Jim the other morning 🙂

  2. Our kids get to pick their cake (type, not design – I’m not that creative) as well. When Matthew was 3 he chose strawberry pie and then for 4 it was carrot cake! Now, it’ chocolate all the way!

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