This weekend is Mother’s Day and I’m thinking a whole lot of mom thoughts today.  Our Lucia has another round of ear infections (which makes the sixth round last time I counted).  The antibiotic prescribed this time was stronger.  Monday she started throwing up until her little body had nothing left.   Seeing my girl miserable is the pits!  I’ve tried to do everything I can for her.  But that’s the hard part of being a mom… isn’t it?  When you can’t “fix things”.  When they don’t get better with rest, vitamins, and a clean house.  So Wednesday I’ll bring her to an ENT Dr and we’ll talk about ear tubes.  I’m trying to tell myself that having a sick little girl doesn’t make me a bad mom.  Its only partially working.

We’re thankful for the sunshine that helps Lucia feel a bit happier.  Happy early Mother’s Day!  I am understanding and appreciating moms more each year in my own journey.  Most days this job takes everything I’ve got!  It brings joy and tears (often in the same day) and makes me wish I could see life more like my son and daughter do.  Thankful for my kids and that they call ME “mama”.


2 thoughts on “Moms

  1. Love you, Liz! Sweet blog post. We’re praying for sweet Lucia & her ears. 😦
    She’s such an angel. Hope you have a blessed weekend!!! Happy M Day to U!

  2. Liz, you are doing an amazing job as a mom. Raising, caring, and loving children is definitely a challenging task that requires all of us and more. It is reassuring to know that when we have done all that we can do, we can trust our heavenly Father to take care of those things we can’t do. It is through His strength that we can be the mothers He has called us to be. We will be praying for Lucia. I know what’s that like. Ryan and Matt both battled their share of ear infections. I think at one point they were talking tubes for Ryan, but he finally got better. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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