Outside the Window..

Outside the window rain is falling.  I was really hoping for sunshine today.  Maybe the sunshine would distract my mind?  Maybe not.  Do you ever feel like you couldn’t possibly add one more thing to what you’re doing or thinking about doing?  The feeling goes something like this.  Maybe its called being a mom?  Here are a few things..

-We’re working on potty training again.  This will be the fourth attempt.  Yes, I’ve tried a few different methods.  But… when your two-year-old almost three-year-old says “I’m not going on the potty” he really means it.  Its about 50% success today which is better then no success. 

I know you’re not suppose to fall in love with a house (before you’ve sold yours).. but I started to last week.    The house was beautiful and ugly.  Perfect.   The owners didn’t want to accept a contingent offer so I kinda feel like I had a breakup with the house on Hutchinson.  One thing I have decided is that Jameson’s new bedroom needs a small closet that can be  transformed into a book nook just like this!  Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick is one of my favorite blog reads.  And…  If you know my son- he spends hours reading.  A book nook is added to the wist list for the future Underwood home.

-Lucia is not herself.  She wants to be held.  She doesn’t know what she wants.  Poor girl!  I don’t know what she wants either.  If only Uncle Matt was here.  Last night Lucia and Matt were playing the sweetest games while we were on ichat.  She was all smiles for Uncle Matt!

-Tonight I have a Norwex show.  Its a good night to be inside talking about cleaning.  REMINDER: today is the last day of the Norwex spring cleaning discount.  To check out the details click here.   I’ll apply the discount to any order received before midnight.  Happy shopping!


One thought on “Outside the Window..

  1. Rainy days can indeed be hard when you have two active little ones. When we lived in the mountains we had a big, wrap-around porch and it was so nice to be able to let the kids play out there on rainy days.

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