The dishwasher is running, the kids are asleep, the laundry is dry, and my mug of green tea is almost gone.  It’s bedtime?  Tuesday- where did you go?

I know a few of you have been checking back for an update on Lucia after having her surgery on Monday.  The tubes are in!  Surgery went well and she was home sleeping in her crib a few hours later.  I haven’t noticed a dramatic change in her yet, but we’re still in recovery mode.  Sunday night (prior to surgery) was the most sleepless night we’ve had together since the night she was born.  I never knew our family would have so many slumber parties.  It seems we fall asleep or wake up with one of the kids.  Daily.  Maybe our next bed should be a king size.

I was feeling overwhelmed with “mom things” tonight.  Bathing a screaming child, talking to Jameson about going in the potty, trying to tackle the mountain of laundry… Then I got a message tonight.  A girl that I went to college with delivered her fourth baby last night.  This morning she had a seizure and is currently on a ventilator.  My heart is heavy for this young family.   Its about all I can think about.  Tonight should be the exciting night when her little ones can meet their new baby brother and get to visit mommy and give her hugs.  Praying for Michelle!


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