Yogurt Anyone?

One of the things I enjoy about the blog world is getting ideas!  I follow a number of mom blogs that talk about decorating, thrifting, cooking, parenting..  Yes, thats what gets me excited.  What can I say?  I’m a mom and I take this job seriously! 🙂

Today I have an idea I wanted to share!  One of my younger sisters (Emily) was here for Lucia’s birthday  last month.  We talked about health, food, & babies… things we both are passionate about.  Emily is a wealth of knowledge and takes complete joy in her role as home-maker.  Its contagious being around her!  One of her clever ideas was to make home-made yogurt.  While I’m not about taking on extra work, this is so easy and cheap.  You can’t loose.  All you need to make your own:  a large pot, candy thermometer, milk, 6 oz of store bought yogurt, and a yogurt maker of your choice.  Click here to see the one I purchased. 

The prep takes about 15 minutes.  Then you fill the jars, put on the lid, and let the yogurt maker work its majic for 10 hours.  (I set ours before going to bed.)  With all the antibiotics we’ve had this winter, yogurt is a staple food.  Jameson, Lucia, and I love it.  And the home-made stuff is great!  I make the yogurt plain.  Once its chilled and I’m ready to serve I just mix a small amount of jam in for flavoring.  (This is also an added perk because I can control how sweet it is for the kids).  We’ve eating lots of cheap yogurt over here.

Oh the little things that can make my day!  Thank you, Emily.


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