It’s a Party

It’s Friday.. and let me tell you about the party we’ve got going on over here!  I just spent the last two hours on my hands and knees rolling basement paint.  Typically, a project that involves paint and a roller is right up my alley.  As in a superb idea for a Friday night..but this stuff really shouldn’t be called paint.  Glue would be more appropriate.  Smelly glue.

I learnt from my mistake last night (when I started phase one of the project), and did not try to wash my roller and brush afterwards.  Yuck.  Jameson asked me a few times today why my hands were so dirty.  Although, I will say.. after wearing the paint on my hands for a day now.. I believe its water tight.  Either way, the basement is looking much better.  White is bright. Bright is clean.

I haven’t given a house update for a bit here, because there hasn’t been one to give.  And, as I mentioned in the first post about listing our house, Ryan and I decided that we’d give the for sale my owner a try for a couple months and then call in the “big guns” if the job wasn’t done.  Next week we’re listing with our realtor and hoping for a buyer.  While I wish we could’ve sold on our own and saved some money, the whole process and time has confirmed we’re more on board then ever to pack up and find a new place to call home.

And then I’ll get to paint.


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