4 days later

A few things that happened over our long weekend:

 -We now have a three year old.  May 28th was spent as a family enjoying the treasures that came in the mail, playing, and dinner at our favorite family restaurant (Bridgeman’s!)  Next week we’ll have a party with Hippo cake and all.

 -Lucia took five steps in a row.  She is so close to walking that I don’t want to leave her for a minute.. in case I miss it.  With my second child I haven’t been nearly as encouraging of her first steps.  (Because I know what happens next.  She’ll run.)  To be honest, things are pretty busy and I’ve been letting our fourteen month old take her sweet time.  But then seeing all nineteen pounds of her standing up again and again trying to walk.  Well, its adorable and I want her to succeed.  I always want her to succeed. 

 -The basement project is complete.  That wasn’t the most rewarding project I’ve ever completed- but its completed and that makes our house one step closer to a sale.  Hopefully.

 -Cleaning.  This upcoming weekend we leave to Nashville for a much anticipated visit with the Underwood family.  Which means I have 3 days to get our family packed, the bills paid, and our house clean.  While we’re gone our realtor will be doing an open house and as many showings as we can get!  Speaking of cleaning… my latest Norwex purchase that I’m loving is the dishwashing liquid.  Even after growing up in a family of 10 and washing dishes by hand (seriously), I still love cleaning the kitchen.  Norwex’s dishwashing liquid is the best I’ve used yet.  For having less chemical, it sure gets the job done.  Plus, its easy on my hands and has the lightest/cleanest scent.  Couple the dishwashing liquid with the Norwex microfiber kitchen cloth and you get perfection:


I know you’re dying to try them.  So, I’m offering them both FREE for anyone who books a Norwex show with me  in the month of July.  (The best part is, this is only a portion of what you’ll get for free after doing your show).  My available show dates are: 

  •  Saturday, July 9th
  •  Sunday, July 10th
  • Monday, July 11th
  • Monday, July 18th
  • Sunday, July 31st

To book a party, leave me a comment here or on Facebook.  You have to be a blog follower to get the deal..so consider yourself pretty special.   I can’t wait to deliver these and spread kitchen love. 

Hope your holiday weekend was spent well!


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