Mr Dad

I know its said that the way to a man’s heart is through food.  I would also argue… the way to a man’s heart could be cleaning his office!  (Especially when his office is in desperate need of cleaning).  Here is my Norwex mop after three hours in Ryan’s office this morning.  The mop is originally a nice pastel blue.

One of the things I love about my husband is the way he works.  He provides for our family and is generous to others.  He gives everything for the things he believes in.  He doesn’t pick the “glamorous” jobs.  I love that quality about him.  Because honestly – he could make any job look attractive to me.  And that’s the true definition of glamour!

Just in case you’re wondering what my husband does for a living.. he is the director of a non-profit faith based youth center in our city.  I don’t think I’ve talked about his job on the blog before, but if you have five minutes you should check out this video!  (Ryan put it together for their annual banquet this spring).  It tells the Encounter story much better then I could.  I love hearing from the students and how the Encounter staff has served.  I hope you do too.


Happy Father’s Day! 


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