Proofs: Set 1

One of the special things we did during our TN vacation is family pictures.  We had our first shots as a family of four!  The evening was hot & humid for outdoor pictures.  And being that our family isn’t acclimated to humidity… I’ve been anxious to see the results.  (Hoping and praying that they didn’t come back with our hair sticking to our heads, red cheeks, and  sweat beads).    I’m so excited to share the first two proofs with you.   Our photographer did an incredible job.  As a young mama herself she knew the tricks. 

Some days I still can’t believe these are my children!

(Yes, ‘Cia is taking a phone call)

I was talking to my old roomie Holly last night about our mama jobs.  Mainly about how each step of the journey of mom is mysterious.  When one phase is over, a new has begun, with no more warning then the last.   It feels way more out of control then we ever wanted to believe.  I know one day I will look back and long for the days when my babies were little.  When they wanted me to cuddle and cried when I left the room.  That’s exactly where I am.  For as out of control and non-productive as these days feel, I know I’m doing something big.  I stop myself and look at where we are and I’m reminded that I have the best job.  Grateful.


2 thoughts on “Proofs: Set 1

  1. OMG LIZ the pics are adorable! The one of Lucia…at first I thought it was a copy of a pic you found…she looks like a baby model! Too Cute!

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