Can I have a minute?

Ryan has been gone this week.  He left Monday morning to speak at a camp about an hour from us.  Each night when I crawl into bed I feel a sense of accomplishment.  I just completed another 15 hour day with two toddlers… by myself!  Yes – I’m usually the one home with our little ones, but five days with no reprieve?  I just want to be by myself for a minute. 

Yesterday I had the much dreaded task of grocery shopping.  I’m not sure why but I’ve never enjoyed grocery shopping.  (Thankfully, Ryan usually does ours). Add two little ones to the cart and I feel a slight panic about grocery shopping.  But Ryan is gone, so we packed up at four o’clock with our grocery list and umbrella.  At the store I got Lucia in the big cart and the grocery store had miniature carts for little shoppers.  Jameson didn’t even ask before grabbing one and starting down the aisles to do “his shopping”.  Our grocery store also has complimentary cookies in the bakery for little ones.  What a great idea- right?  Kind of.  When the cookie is gone… you’d better have your shopping  done as well.  If not,  your one year old daughter might have a full blown hissy fit which ends with her slapping you across the face.  

We found Mater (from the Car’s movie) at Walgreens the other night to accompany Jameson’s new Lightning Mcqueen from Uncle Matt.   Jameson is obsessed.  Mater has been in our bathtub, to each meal, and I have to pry him from Jameson after he’s fallen asleep.  Oh, the little things that keep my boy entertained.  I on the other hand have been working on a little something on the house.  (Honey, if you’re reading this don’t start to panic.   You will find things better then when you left.  Hopefully.)


One thought on “Can I have a minute?

  1. I know you will be SO glad to see Ryan, in more ways than you count 🙂 I guess Jameson will enjoy wearing his new shirt with the CARS characters.

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