Proofs: Set 2

Nope.. there is no picture update of our front porch yet.  It’s coming along nicely though!   I’ve been drinking lots of iced coffee and staying up a bit too late the last few nights.   I’m honestly giddy with excitement at the transformation.  The update will be posted this week.   Watch for it.

Until then, feast your eyes on a few more of my top favorites on our family picture proofs.   I love looking at these..

I’m enjoying the porch project and how I have the ability to create.  Home projects are something entirely different then they were three years ago prior to being a mom.  I love the quiet time in the porch just working.  So much of my mom job doesn’t show immediate results like taking out carpet or throwing on some paint.  So the project brings some balance.  I’ve been needing some balance.


One thought on “Proofs: Set 2

  1. No offense, but I would rather look at pictures of the cute little ones than the porch 🙂 I know you will do a good job with your “make over” project. Home projects are satisfying because you can see the results fairly quickly. It takes a much longer time to see the results of rearing your children, but you will see those results some day 🙂

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