Five days later, here is our porch progress!  Still have a bit of work to do on the threshold, but we’re close.  Below are a few before pictures from this spring when I started thinking about the project (see I’m not as spontaneous as it might seem!)


After Ryan put up the base trim, we needed to touch up some paint.  Since we didn’t have any of the blue paint,  Ryan suggested using leftover paint from when we painted the exterior of our home .  It’s “mountain shadow” by Behr.  (He’s a  sharp guy my husband).  Total cost of the project included: deglosser, roller, paint tray, base trim, rug, and water putty = $48.62.  Totally worth fifty bucks to us! 

And the kids already are enjoying a new space to do their thing!!  Don’t you love the glorious sunshine streaming in?  Me too.  And the cute pictures above the white table were made by Ryan’s nana for the kids.   Extra special!


2 thoughts on “Improvement

  1. Your porch looks wonderful and so inviting! I am sure the children will enjoy it. I always love the sunshine streaming in 🙂

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