The honest Truth

As you know I’ve been spending late night hours in the porch the last week.  I loved the work,  but afterwards I looked around at the rest of the house and remembered I’m in charge around here!  After a few days of not keeping up with the usual, cleaning was due.  Badly due.   

And then I got the call with the question: “can you show the house tomorrow morning?”  Of course I can show the house tomorrow morning.  I just need to clean EVERYTHING tonight.  No problem.

We’ve had a realtor working with us for a month now.  It’s a hard thing to show your house.  You constantly feel you have to have things in tip top shape.  What I didn’t expect is how hard it would be emotionally to show your house.  I love our house.  Its our first one.  We’ve put long hard hours into updating it and creating something we love.  We had our first dog, our first baby, our families to visit, many many dinners with friends, our second baby.. I feel invested.  So for as much as I want the house to show and to sell, I also want to walk in during the showing and kindly ask the potential buyers to leave my house.  That’s the honest truth.  I feel mixed up inside.


One thought on “The honest Truth

  1. Selling one’s house does bring a myriad of emotions. The thing is that it’s not just a “house”, its your home where you are experiencing life. We are planning to try and sell our house IF the market will ever pick up. I know I will have the same emotions. We have been here for 18 years and this is the house where the largest portion of our child rearing days were. Matt was 5 and Ryan 10, when we moved into this home. For Matt especially, it is the house he grew up in. We are praying for the Lord’s will and His timing for you and Ryan as you try to sell your house.

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