A couple weeks ago I was driving through town and pulled to a stop in front of our local Salvation Army.  In the store window was a doll cradle!  For quite some time I’ve thought every little girl should have a cradle for her dolls.  Ten minutes later we headed home with this treasure in the backseat of the van. 

Kinda scary, right?  (I’ve had it hiding in the basement).  This weekend I sanded her down and put on two coats of “watermelon” spray paint (her meaning the cradle).  Then I used some scrap pieces of fabric for bedding &  to practice my hand sewing skills which are horribly lacking.

Today I was anxious for Lucia to wake up from her morning nap to find her surprise. 

Sweetest part.. Lucia doesn’t want to play with the baby.  She wants to rock it and sing.  Its a perfect little tune.  Its sweet and happy.  Music to mama’s ears.


4 thoughts on “BABY

  1. that is absolutely beautiful. I love to watch our girls goo and gah over their babies just as a momma should! That is a beautiful job on the cradle as well!!!

  2. That is SO precious! You did a great job on the cradle. It’s so neat to see the “mothering” that is already in little girls 🙂

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