The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less. ~ Don Millman

I’m noticing something.  Unfortunately I think its become a norm.  When I run into someone at the store or ask someone about their weekend, they tell me about how busy they’ve been.  While busy isn’t bad- the look of busy doesn’t always look good!  What are we doing to stay chronically busy?   I crave rest.  I want to be busy doing the things that give me life and with the people that I feel rested just being around.  I know… I’m still gonna be busy, but if there is one thing I’m committed to this year its simplicity. I’m just finishing a book a started months ago and mentioned here about the simple life.  The whole challenge of the book is to go through your life (house) and evaluate things in two ways: is it beautiful to me?  is it practical?  If not- its taking up time and space in your life that it shouldn’t have.  The truth is.. we have too much.   We do too much. 

I really just want to  “be”.  

This morning during naps I cleaned through drawers and am feeling refreshed by looking at the temporary clean.  What do you do to add simplicity to your life?


One thought on “Simple

  1. Liz, this is so true. It is simple, yet profound. It is not easy to simplify your life in this world today. Every so often, I pick up my devotional “Amish Peace”. I am intrigued by the simplicity of the Amish life. When I am riding on the back of the motorcycle, I do a lot of praying, thinking, and reflecting. I do love that time. I continue to be challenge to simplify my life and not get so busy and caught up in this world.

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