To Cherish

They’re up!  Our entry wall is updated with our family pictures.  I know you’ve seen them before, but doesn’t it look grand?

This wall serves as a good reminder of what my days are all about.. growing a family.  The “cherish” sign is something I found a couple months ago at a charming shop near my sister’s house.  Love.  Sums it up. 

I’m drinking my coffee and thinking about the weekend ahead.  Believing for great things for the next two weeks.  Did I tell you Ryan is leaving for camp for TWO WEEKS?  Yep, this mama is running solo.  I need to focus because our life feels out of control right now.  Not a lot of peace.  I’m feeling tangled- not having answers.  I read this today:

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast- because he trusts you. 

(Isaiah 26:3)

Trusting is hard.  I’m a do-er, a list maker, a problem solver.  To wait and trust right now for things in my life is hard.  If I trust?  Maybe He can untangle things in a way I can’t.   I believe He could will.  I need to grow..


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