Catching Up

Well, we’ve made it through day three without the Mr (almost).  Its been smooth sailing: no serious accidents, sickness, house problems, flat tires. . pretty smooth sailing.

My younger sister Emily came to visit this week.  She was here hours after Ryan left Monday and left this evening.   Emily is a sweetie to have around.  She reads books to Jameson to his hearts delight, washes dishes before I’m done eating, and even kept the kids for a short appointment I had this morning.  Sweetie- right?  I miss her.

Duluth has been in the upper 90’s and humid this week.  Lucia sticks to me when I hold her.  Your glasses fog up when you walk outside.  Really humid.  For as much as Ryan and I talk about moving south one day, I’m not sure this northern girl could handle the humidity.  Pretty sure I could pass out at anytime.  So… the past two nights we drove to Lake Superior to try to cool off.  A whole 10 minute drive from home.  We live in a beautiful city!! 

So that’s the random low down on our days.  Hope you are staying cool and eating as much ice cream as the Underwoods!


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. I agree that your city is beautiful, but think about being in the south the months of November through April when the ground is not covered with snow! Also, think about being close to Nana and Grandpa 🙂

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