I’m on board

We’re home.  Thursday night after a day at work & daycare, the kids and I headed to my sister Kate’s house to stay with her family for the weekend.  The huge perk of our plan: Ryan was also staying over for the weekend <insert flirtatious grin here>.  We spent Friday and Saturday.  The kids had a ball.  We all had a ball.  

About ten minutes into our long drive home this morning, I was feeling melencoly and alone.  Thinking:  “I have to do another week alone.  I ‘m not a loner“.  In an attempt to not cry keep my chin up I started counting good things:  safe travels, the van DVD players from Grandpa Jim, beautiful weather, thrifting with my sister, movie night with our husbands,  a great Norwex show.  

above: a few thrifting treasures

And so I head into week two feeling alone but oh so blessed by a weekend away and two exhausted little ones tucked in their beds and ready to keep me company all week!   Perspective- it makes the world of difference.  Friday will come and until then Jameson wants to make plans for a very special welcome home party for his dad.  Sounds good to me.


One thought on “I’m on board

  1. You and the children will be in my thoughts and prayers this week. Sure wish I could be there 😦 So glad that you had a good weekend with Ryan and your sister and family. You are so right. It is all a matter of perspective. I really try to be a thankful person for all that God has blessed me with. All you have to do is look around and you can see all blessed we are.

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