The full story

Update:  The welcome home party for dad has been scratched. 

Jameson told me at dinner last night that we won’t be having a party when dad comes home.  When I asked him why he said:  “dad brought lots and lots of treats to camp.  He can’t have any more treats.  He already had lots”. 

Sorry hun.  Jameson must have seen your stash of camp snacks.  And we know that there is a limit of how many treats you can have in one week. .

Speaking of the boss around here Jameson, I’ve been meaning to write a few things about the kids this week.  About all the mom details that I’ve neglected to put in baby books and know I’ll look back and be curious about.  So, here is the current life happenings of our three year old.  Fasten your seatbelt.

Jameson is a happy guy.  He often tells me “mom, I’m a funny man” .  And  he is.  He is extremely ticklish and loves to be physical.  Jameson can be sweet.  He asks to be cuddled everyday when he is laid down for nap time & bedtime.  Naps usually last about an hour but are a much needed break for the both of us.

Jameson is big.  He currently weighs 42 pounds and is 3′ 3″ tall.  He is often mistaken for being four.  He’ll correct you by telling you he is actually three (or “free” as he pronounces it) and knows his birthday is May 28th.  His love for books remains strong.  He knows most of our books by heart and is currently quite obsessed with: Horton by Dr. Seuss.  He is somewhat potty trained.   He still wears a diaper to bed and only does pee on the pot.  Its been a SLOW training.  He is very independent and often tells me to leave the bathroom because he needs privacy.  No kidding.

Jameson loves to eat and believes dessert should be served after every meal.  Movies are talked about, thought about, and asked for numerous times a day but watched sparingly.  He has an extensive vocabulary.  He not only knows words, but knows the appropriate context.  The other day he told me he was “frustrated” (and he was).  He also is in a stage of talking back.  Ryan and I often have to correct him for saying “no” when asked to do things.  He has a definite idea of what should be happening.  Full melt downs are rare but usually a response to not getting his way. 

He loves to be outside playing: in his sandbox, with matchbox cars, sitting on his bike, and swinging.  He’ll also play with Lucia in the pool, but does not want to get in.  He is compassionate.  When I am in pain he wants to hug me, kiss my owie, or give me a massage.  He loves his sister and she loves him. Over the last year I’ve often said Jameson comes in a close 2nd to me in who Lucia wants to be with. He wants to kiss her goodnight and be the first to see her in the morning.  He reads books to her and praises her for doing good.  He also is rough on her and bosses her around quite a bit… he’s the older brother after all!

We love our big guy.  I remember being pregnant and way overdue waiting and wondering when I would ever get to see and know this boy inside me.  And here we are.  The days pass SO FAST and we have a three year old… full of life , personality, good looks, laughter, and ideas for everyday.   I love you, Jameson Ryan.

(Jameson’s third birthday at Grandpa & Nana’s house)


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