Pretty Girl

If you made it through my last post- congratulations.  I sure can get long winded when it comes to my kids!  As I was adding Jameson’s birthday picture to the post, I realized that I entirely neglected to post a picture of his hippo cake.  While I mentioned our tradition of making the kids birthday cakes, I never did report back on the anticipated Mr. Hippo.  Isn’t he fun? 

 Continuing.. Here are the current life happenings of our one year old.

Lucia is spunky.  Don’t let her occasional shy expressions fool you.  She can be totally girl (changing from kissing to screaming in a matter of seconds).  Like her brother, Lucia already enjoys wrestling.  If I’m lying down, she’ll climb on top of me and growl.  Nothing about it is scary!  Sadly, she refuses any form of cuddling.  (We actually just moved the rocking chair out of her room to the basement).  While Lucia typically sleeps 10 hours a night, she usually cries out a few times and needs her pacifier/blanket.  She still needs two naps a day, but has decided to only take one.

Lucia is dainty.  She currently weighs 20 pounds and is 2’5″ tall.  She started walking at fourteen months.  Something about her small swagger makes me smile.  A lot. Lucia loves to read books to herself.  She is independent and absolutely refuses to be fed.  We give her small portions and still have a disaster to clean up after every meal.  She is a picky eater.  One day she’ll like something/the next she won’t.  Her favorite foods are: blueberries, spaghetti, yogurt, and veggie straws.    Lucia has her own language which almost sounds Chinese.  However… she knows how to communicate what she wants.  For example: If she wants to go outside she’ll get her shoes and bring them to you.  If she wants you to read to her, she’ll bring you a book and sit down on your lap.  If she wants to play on the porch she’ll go and pull on the door handle.  She LOVES dogs.  When we see them she starts barking in the highest pitch.  Its pretty darn cute.  Speaking of high pitches, Lucia has never been one to cry.  She just screams. 

She loves to be outside: swinging, splashing in the pool, going down the slide.  She loves taking away Jameson’s toys being with her brother.  When Ryan comes home she runs to him and reaches to be picked up.  She is expressive.  She is strong.  She is smart.  And she is trying to be a big girl way to fast..

I love you ‘Cia girl. 



2 thoughts on “Pretty Girl

  1. She is my little doll for sure. Those pigtails are just too cute! If she were here, I would just have to grab her up and try to cuddle her 🙂

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