Near the finish

Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow Ryan is coming home! I like Fridays. Its been twelve days with two kiddos and one mama. I’m tired.

When Ryan is gone for work I like to do “special projects” (I may be like my mother a bit). One year I redid our bedroom. Which doesn’t mean just painting. I tore out carpet, painted, redecorated. You can check out some pictures right here.  Last month I updated our front porch. It was a “small” project (or so I thought). Well worth sleepless nights.  We’ve enjoyed many mornings playing in the new space

The past two weeks there have been no special projects. The weather has been perfect in Duluth so we’ve been spending time outside or by the lake. Days are busy from 6am-8pm. And then I’m tired. I wash dishes/clothes and want to crawl in bed myself. Plus I’ve been having headaches A LOT. I feel quite unproductive when I just get the daily things done. But honestly? I know what matters and it isn’t that I’ve tackled my living room shelf. Although look  how scary it is…

Don’t tell anyone.   Maybe I’ll have time to clean and purge next week.  I think part of the problem is the shelf is too big.  Right? 

My husband is coming home. Did I mention that? I’m so ready to kiss that freckle on his lip. Happy Friday!


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