Bright Idea

Wow, its Tuesday.  Mr Underwood is home.  Love that.

I’ve been missing the time to write.  How are you, friends?  These headaches are getting the best of me.  Or is it a headache?  I saw a wholistic Dr last week.  Or as Ryan would say “the nuts & berry Doc”.  Maybe she does look a bit out there, but I’m not feeling great. And running at low efficiency… well, its getting the best of me.  My smart friend Elizabeth is also trying to diagnose me.  If only it were simple.

I sold Jameson’s bed last night.  (A futon that served as our guest bed before Lucia came along).  He got promoted to it when we were setting up the nursery for baby sister.

It was getting older and Jameson has been telling me lately that his body hurts all over. So I came home with a box spring, mattress, a gallon of paint, and some yellow spray paint called “bright idea” after work.  Oh… I have the ideas, just not the will power to dig in tonight.  It just about breaks my heart.  Sorry, this post is headed down hill fast.  I’m tucking in.   Tomorrow is a new day!


3 thoughts on “Bright Idea

  1. Quick shout-out to you, Liz! Hang in there- I remember headache days when my babies were young- I think it’s allllll those crazy hormones sometimes- Hopefully you’re on the right track with Ms.Nuts&Berry, MD. Love seeing your home projects- keep it up!

  2. Forgive me for being somewhat ignorant of how these comments work! “Mom” above, is actually me: Terri! I am Mom- just not Liz’s Mom- sorry for the confusion- LOL

  3. So sorry that you are dealing with headaches. It’s definitely hard to pinpoint the cause as there are so many reasons for headaches. Have you had your eyes checked recently? That is often a cause of headaches, esp. when you are using a computer. Just a thought. Poor Jameson….. I guess that he has gotten to a big enough size that he could tell if the bed was uncomfortable. Good luck getting everything ready for the twin bed. Let me know if you need some sheets or anything. Nana loves getting things for the J-man 🙂

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