Eight Years

Today is our anniversary.  Eight years.

Last year I shared here about details of our wedding day.  This year I’m learning:

-Ryan gets more attractive every year.  Being that I committed to him for the rest of my life, it’s an added bonus that he gets better looking.  Definitely moving the right direction.  I wasn’t the girl who hunted out the beautiful boys.  Instead I liked Ryan because he was a friend, he was smart & funny, he worked hard.  And then I lucked out!

-People always told me (prior to having kids) that I’d love my spouse more being parents together. While I thought that was true, I’ve learnt what that means.  This season of parenting is hard.  I know there will be different and bigger things to work through in the future, but THIS right now is exhausting.  We don’t sleep enough and both of our children are strong.  (Born leaders I’m told!)  When it comes to parenting,  Ryan and I usually see eye to eye/we support each other.  This is a huge blessing!  We haven’t mastered it, but I know we’re on the same side.  I love the dad Ryan is.  And I’m not just saying that..

-Your spouse can awaken deeper feelings then you’ve had before.  While this may sound peachy, it’s not always.  Our marriage has had seasons where it’s really hard.  Probably like most people- we disagree about the same things we did ten years ago.   But we’re fighting for this.  For something better.  We’re learning.  And that’s important!

I was at a bridal shower last month.  One of the ladies from church shared a few thoughts to the sweet bride-to-be.  One was “ treat your spouse like the most important guest in your home”.  I thought about when guests come into our home.  I plan meals, do extra baking, think of fun activities.  I serve them, I ask about them, I give up my time and energy to make sure they are comfortable and have a good time.  So when I think about treating Ryan like the best guest in my home..  I should do that.

Today is our anniversary and I’m thankful to be married.  I’m excited about the year ahead and the opportunity to grow together. 

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Underwood.   Glad I said “yes”.


2 thoughts on “Eight Years

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! May God richly bless this coming year and give you strength and wisdom to be the parents you need to be. I mailed a card with a little something that should get there at the end of the week. It crept up on me this year 🙂

  2. Yowzzer! Great post. Alright, Ryan, I think you need to make an appearance on Liz’s blog and comment on this post!!! :0)
    Love you guys–great couple! Happy Anniversary.

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