A boys room

Its Friday!

A great thing has happened over the past couple weeks.. Jameson and Lucia are napping at the same time now.  This means I get an 1.5-2.5 hours to myself.  Wahoo!  For the first time, mom could take a nap too.

I still have a bit left to do in Jameson’s room, but I wanted to show you the progress!   Just in case you’re wondering why I’m painting if our house is for sale~ we’re staying put this fall/winter.  The market is horrible for sellers.  (The good thing is we love our little house).  And… since we’re staying put that means Ryan can add a book nook in Jameson’s room here!  That will be in phase two of his bedroom update.  Here is currently what we’re looking at.  The paint color is “Spa” by BEHR.  Of course Jameson wanted to give you a tour in his goggles.  That’s the only way to do it:

Can’t you see a nook working perfectly to the right of Jameson’s closet?  Yep, me too.  I’m still looking for Jameson’s first dresser.  (Currently we keep his clothes in a rubbermaid drawer in his closet).  I also need to find him a bedskirt.  I looked at Target the other day and they only had an ugly blue skirt for $23.  How can it cost twenty-three dollars to put a skirt on your bed?  Beats me.  But doesn’t his room feel happy?

Hope your weekend is grand.  Monday will be the next Norwex giveaway at Underwooddays.  Promise!


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