There wasn’t an entry for the Norwex window cloth?  Shocking.  Not one!  I nearly passed out when I logged into the blog tonight.

Have I told you I love to clean?  The only road-block these days is the time to clean. Norwex makes that easier, but I obviously still need time and do you ever feel the days just need a few more hours for you to keep up?  Great news..  I had my first Norwex recruit this week!  I mentioned here that I did a Norwex show while I was in Mauston a couple weeks ago. Not only were the ladies amazed by how you can clean up butter, but my good friend Holly decided to join the team!  Just because I’ve been behind, here are a couple of my favorite shots to share of my weekend away:

the adorable helmann family

roomie & i : ten years later

Tonight we pulled out all the “treasures” to prep for our garage sale. We’re hoping for a lovely day & buyers on Saturday.  My personal goal is that we make enough to buy a dresser for Jameson’s updated room.  Keeping my fingers crossed. Happy early Friday.  This girl has PLANS this weekend.


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