First Garage Sale: Check

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL.   Ryan was my right-hand man in hauling heavy things, taking shifts with the sale or kids, and packing up the left-overs.  He even made me lunch and delivered it outside to my post.  (Seriously… he’s a good one!)

And the dot stickers used for pricing?  I’m finding them everywhere.  I’m guessing a three-year-old thought other things outside (as well as indoors) needed to be priced!

The total of sales will be enough to meet my goal.  Jameson is getting a dresser!!  I’ve been hunting for a used one: Goodwill, Craigslist and Saver’s for a few weeks now but haven’t come across what I’m looking for.  There is also one at IKEA I have my eye on as a back up if a good used one cannot be found.. soon.

Its been a good weekend here.  Lots going on.  As I sit here to write I wonder how much to share.  Blogging serves for me as inspiration and a reminder of how much I cherish the road of mothering and our life.  Still, I’ve really hoped it would bring more connection/ encouragement in that journey.  I wonder: who are you?  I hope my space here serves as encouragement to you.  Tonight I feel the void of writing into the blank space more then others.

Some days I wonder more then others.


3 thoughts on “First Garage Sale: Check

  1. Keep going with your blogs. I love reading them and it helps me feel more connected to you guys since we’re so far apart in miles. I also feel that I have come to know you much better through reading your blogs. So glad that your garage sale was successful. Ryan has had experience with garage sales. He always helped out when we had them. They are a lot of work, but it helps get rid of stuff and make some extra cash.

  2. Yes, keep going with your blogs! I love them and always look forward to the new ones you write. They are an encouragement to me and there have been times I have found myself thinking, “what would Liz do?” (Seriously! 🙂 ) So please continue to write!

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