It’s Positive

A few weeks ago I took a test, and another, and then a third to be sure.  They all came back looking like this:

 Very surprised.  Very excited.  Very pregnant.

Ryan and I had talked about a third baby, but its only been talk.  Just the start of talks really!  If you know me or have seen me go through my last pregnancies, this is a hard.   I’ve actually been telling Ryan: “I couldn’t be pregnant..I’m not throwing up”.   And then Thursday came.  Nausea hit strong on Thursday.

God knew.  His plan was new life!  He knew our house already feels too small.  He knew sickness would come and I’d long to be able to move my body without throwing up..  God knew and His strength will be enough.  It needs to be enough.

Keep growing strong, sweet baby.


3 thoughts on “It’s Positive

  1. Well, you must have done more than just “talk” about another baby 🙂 I was definitely surprised by the news. I am sorry you are sick. I am praying that this nausea will pass quickly.

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