Amazing how life can change in a few weeks.  The entire direction by finding out we’re pregnant.  Its been a week now of sickness.  I haven’t left the house in a week.  I remember these feelings well.  “A day at a time” I tell myself.

Jameson and I had a few special moments in bed together today.  We were eating watermelon and talking about baby when he said “mom, I had a baby in my belly one time too”.  You did?  Is the baby still in there?  “no… I ate it because I was really hungry.” Jameson doesn’t quite understand the concept of pregnancy yet.  It’ll come.

I’ve been feeling lonesome and wishing I could do anything.  Then I lay here and see my stomach pulse and realize a whole lot is happening.  I just need to hold tight.  Next year we’ll be a family of 5.  I’m not alone.


3 thoughts on “Changing

  1. Congrats to you & Ryan! I enjoy reading your blog and SO empathize with your current struggle – my pregnancies were very similar! Grace & peace to you during this special time!

  2. I wish I was close enough to drop in and just visit for a little while. Do you feel up to reading at all? I can recommend some good books if you do. You are right, you just have to take one day at a time. Just know that there are many prayers going up on your and Ryan’s behalf. Love you. Hmm….. a family of five…..that will definitely liven up our house when you come to visit 🙂

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