New to Norwex

A couple weeks ago I attended a Norwex meeting and got the inside scoop on new products for 2012.  I’ve been excited to let you in on the goods!   Since I’m still fairly new to Norwex, I didn’t know what to expect.. but was not disappointed.

Each of the new products will be added to the 2012 catalog and are available NOW for purchase!  Below I’ve provided you with the stats on each product.  If you’re a visual shopper (like myself), you can go to to see pictures!


Home Essentials

1) Norwex Antibacterial Hand Towel.  Size: 14″ X 28″.  Color: Taupe.  Item 309001.  Price $18.99

2) Norwex Antibacterial Bath Mat.  Size: 20″ X 28″.  Color: Mocha.  Item 309081.  Price $39.99

3)  Leather Shine Bees Wax.  5 oz.  Item 403510.  Price $33.99

4) Fridge So Fresh (Naturally Grown Crystals).  Maintain your food and fridge naturally.  Item 403601.  Price $13.99

5) Fresh Odor Neutralizer.   A natural way to combat odors in every room of the house.   8 oz.  Item 403413.  Price $17.99

6)  Mighty Mesh Pot Scrubber.  Rust free stainless steel scrubber.  Item 354103. Price $ 8.99


1)  Antibacterial kid’s towel.  Color: apple green & sunshine yellow trimmings.  Size: 28″ X 47″.  Item 309012.  Price $39.99

2) Kid’s All Natural Bubble Bath.  8 oz.  Item 403065.  $20.99

Skin Care

1) Norwex Marine Organics.  Line includes: Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye lighting Serum, Bath/Shower Gel, and Body Lotion.  Utilizing the benefits of organic marine algae and sea plants, Norwex Marine Organics line was engineered to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin.  With ECOCERT organic certification, this luxurious line helps reduce the signs of aging while providing refreshing and radiant results. Simple, effective and organically good for you.

2) Norwex Naturally Timeless.  Line includes: Firming Face Serum & Day Cream.  For those 35 or older who want to fight the signs of aging, help lessen the appearance of age spots and fine lines.  Norwex has taken skin care to a new level through the natural rejuvenating benefits of an endangered rare apple.  Rich in phytonutrients and proteins the apple offers unique ingredients that, through technology, can be incorporated into skin care products.  This unique offering is currently one of the most pioneering and innovative breakthroughs in global skin care.


I’m excited to get these products out and hear how they’re working for you.  So, for the month of September I’ll be offering FREE shipping on any Norwex order that includes at least one of the new items.  Please let me know if you have questions.

Happy shopping!


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