Ten Weeks

When so many things seem important or things we couldn’t live without.  Truly they are things we can live without.

I’ve been in bed for fourteen days.  I haven’t left the house or even cleaned it for that matter.  I haven’t been to the park with the kids or done errands.  And life continues.  I’m growing a baby and thats all my body can do.  Four years ago I was pregnant with Jameson experiencing much the same.  Today, Jameson comes walking up the stairs with a drink and snack “snack time, mom”.  A dear reminder to have my big healthy boy helping.  Thank you, God!  There have been many dear reminders this week: meals from our church family, a visit from my sister Anna, my sister Kate finishing fall shopping for our kiddos, our first baby gift!

The important things stay important.  Practicing patience.


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