I looked at the calendar this morning.  Its been twenty-two days sick!  Twenty-two days and I’m thrilled to say YES – I’ve seen a slight improvement the past days.  I still feel like I could throw up, I’m weak and exhausted with headaches, and things don’t want to settle in my stomach nicely…. but zofran controls things finally and its nice to feel some control. Is the throw up gone for good?  Maybe not, but I’m feeling more like a normal pregnant Liz.

Next week is my first OB appointment of this pregnancy.  I should have an official due date and hear the heart beat!  I’m starting to think more about baby things.  I asked Jameson this morning if the new baby could sleep in his room with him.  (Hoping he said yes… as thats the only option)!  He responded in sheer excitement: “Mom, is the baby coming today or tomorrow to sleep with me?”  At this point the plan is to remove the closet door and have baby sleep in Jameson’s closet.  Something like this.  The questions are can we squeeze a normal crib into the space?  Can a baby just sleep in a pack and play?  If you have any experience in smaller cribs or pack and play sleeping… please let me know.  These are the things on my mind.

‘Till next week.


4 thoughts on “Control

  1. We have pack and play experience for when we’re traveling and plan to use the bassinet portion for our new baby. Eventually we need to move Hailey into a big girl bed, but she’s not quite ready for that yet. I’m hoping to have a couple months to try to get her transitioned to that place. BTW, the closet idea is the best I’ve seen in a long time for squeezing into tight spaces. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We’ve had our kids sleep in our room in a pack and play for the first couple of months after birth. Our pack and play has an insert so you aren’t putting the baby all the way at the bottom. It sits about a foot below the top so it’s easier to get baby in and out and you aren’t killing your back.

  3. Katie slept in a corner of our family room in a bassinet and then a pack and play until she was sleeping through the night, or just eating once (I really can’t remember). Then we moved her into the crib in Matthew’s room. We also had a changing table in that little corner, that way Matthew could hang out in his room and she wouldn’t get in his way. Was it ideal? No. Did it work? Yes!

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