It’s Time: Part Two

Even though I’m not out and about in the real world entirely yet, I still have contact!  And I’m hearing about a whole lot of sickness.  As a mom, it makes my shoulders get tense. Still, I know better then to think I can completely prevent sickness.  (Ironically, I’m a picture of pregnant sickness right now!)  I wrote a post here at the beginning of the year about staying healthier.  Over the last year I’ve tried to incorporate changes that will help our family.  I’ve been shopping on and love the amazing selection of products and the very affordable prices!  Vitacost deliveries make me happy.

Here is what I currently use for our kids supplements.  Hopefully its helpful to one of you!  If not, its documented in case I forget.

Jameson:  1) Nature’s Plus Animal Parade Gummies Children’s Multi-Vitamin 2) Nature’s Plus Animal Parade KidsGreenz Children’s Chewable with Whole Food Concentrates 3) Hero Nutritionals Yummi Bears Fiber Supplement (as needed)

Lucia: 1) Nature’s Plus Source of Life Animal Parade Baby Plex Liquid Drops  2) Childlife Vitamin D3 Natural Berry Drops 3) Culturelle Probiotic for Kids.  For probiotic, I switch between a few different ones as they offer different strands/quantities.

Of course there are many other things we can do to stay healthy: diet, rest, exercise, enviromental….. what do you do?


3 thoughts on “It’s Time: Part Two

  1. Liz, Its funny you mention this. Last year our family was constantly in and out of the Dr.’s office. I felt like I lived there. Mainly it was a non-stop strep in our house. I got so fed up with it I started reaching out to any advice I could get. One of the most valuable came from Margie Huff! She said she had delt with the same thing in her home and took her kids to a more holistic Dr. and he suggested supplements. We use the same website and same vitamins you do. The only difference is on top of the good muliti vitamins, and “green” whole foods one, we do colostrum supplement- which is power packed to built the immune system, they also give this to cancer patients after chemo. And we do a probiotic. The colostrum and pro-biotic come in a powder pill form which I empty and mix in yogurt or applesauce every morning. I also use a DHA/Omega 3’s “pudding” form. Its a chocolate/orange flavor. To me, it tastes horrible but the kids dont’ mind it at all. I’m so thrilled to announce that no one has been sick in our home since March! Praise God!

  2. I think it is a good idea to take some kind of immune complex that strengthens the immune system especially during the times of the year when there is a lot of sickness. I also try to be diligent about washing my hands frequently or using the hand sanitizer.

  3. I think the most important thing to focus on is good, effective SLEEP. With my Fibromyalgia/arthritis issues, I’ve tried lots of different things. I do believe that some basic healthy choices in lifestyle—exercies, stretching, eating whole food(as unprocessed as possible), and working on eliminating and managing stress—-are all important, but if I am not getting enough sleep and good sleep, then it really negates all the other things I do. So, if it is a short night, taking a nap or trying to catch up on the weekends, etc. I know with having kiddos that seems like impossible, but I guess I would recommend going to bed when the kids do and just leaving projects undone—if that’s the way it has to be.
    Those are my two cents. I know it is easier said than done, and I’ve been put to the ‘sleep test’ again these past few weeks as I adjust to a new work schedule at Caribou that affects my sleep schedule a lot.
    If you are having trouble sleeping, I would recommend not drinking any caffeine after 1pm and possibly taking 5mg of Melotonin each night. It is something your body produces naturally that helps put you to sleep.
    Love u!

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