Official Date

I left the house Friday morning and drove the van to our hospital.  Checked in for my OB appointment.  The nurse recognized me and said “it feels like a few months ago when you had your last baby.”  I agree.  The OB department feels quite familiar.

Well.. I’m pregnant!  I didn’t have a doubt after such awful morning sickness for the month of September, but there is something about hearing that strong/fast heartbeat that makes me cry.. every time.  There is life inside me!  My official due date is tax day- April 15th, 2012.  Which means I’m on the doorstep of my second trimester and am emotionally at the point where I need a new trimester!

I’ve been having labor nightmares of late (actually nightmares in general).  So I talked with my Dr about that.  Lucia’s delivery and recovery afterwards were brutal.  Of course its worth it, but to think of going through that again this year.. I’m scared.  My Dr and I had a very honest conversation.  We read through my last two labor reports and my Dr feels it would be best to schedule a c- section this time.  Why?  Because my labors have been much the same:  11 days overdue, induced, aggressive labor (no time for drugs), babies get stuck and stressed, vac extraction, cutting/tearing.  I’ll leave it there.  While the thought of a c-section sounds easier in so many ways, I know its surgery and that scares me too.  I’ve never had surgery.  This baby is gonna come in April, its just a matter of how.  Decision is up to me.  Its a hard decision.. not sure I want to choose.


3 thoughts on “Official Date

  1. I can only speak from the point of view of a woman who had two c-sections. The worst part of the c-section is that it is surgery and therefore, a longer recovery time. It sounds as though your recovery time with Lucia was just as long, if not longer. I definitely don’t think that tearing is a good thing and it’s not good for the baby to be in stress either. If you have a c-section then they will probably set the date and there won’t be all of the uncertainty as to when the baby is coming. So that is an advantage. Given your history, you definitely should seriously consider the c-section.

  2. My first C-Section was unplanned. I labored. It was awful. Recovery was worse. The second C-section was planned and was just about the easiest thing ever! The recovery is “hard” but nothing too bad. We were rested going into the surgery because we knew when it was scheduled and everything was MUCH easier having the C-Section planned. You are not put under and the worst of the pain for me felt like a tug as they pulled my beautiful babies from me. You obviously will pray about your decision, but C-sections are not that bad. Of course, this is just my opinion. Hang in there. I will pray for you that you will have wisdom.

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