Kleenex, please?

There have been quite a few tears here at the home front today.  Ryan is working.  The kids are in school.  I’ll be fine.. I’m frustrated.  The day after day of sick/throwing up is getting to me.  Mixed in there are additional hormones and a scratchy belly.  Mercy!

On a much better note, Ryan just finished another wedding video with his business Mere Cinema.  To say I am proud of his work is an understatement!  He’s a genius.  If you’re my friend on Facebook you may have already seen this, but if you haven’t yet- take six minutes to watch this beautiful love story.  (You’ll need kleenex too).


One thought on “Kleenex, please?

  1. Ryan is really doing a great job with the videos. You guys just need to move to Nashville and he and Matt can work together; and I can play with the children 🙂
    I know you have to be frustrated beyond words after so many days of being sick. I told Matt if I had been that sick with Ryan; Ryan would have been an only child and Matt wouldn’t be here!

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