Right Now I am…..

<new typewriter from my sweetest girlfriend Emily>

-enjoying Jameson and the stories he tells me after a day of school.  My little boy is growing fast.

– ecstatic another week of nausea is behind me.  How much longer could this really last?

– feeling a bit overwhelmed on what I could do around the house tonight.  My bedtime is set for 9:30pm, we’ll see how far I get.

– wanting to do some fall shopping (even if its in the maternity section this year).

– enjoying the beautiful colors of fall outside.

-holding my breath that our dryer issue won’t involve buying a new dryer this week.

-thinking about Lucia and her scratching skin.  Pretty sure she has eczema.  Anyone have tips on how to treat this?

-grateful for a husband that works hard everyday for his family.

-anticipating the holidays with family.

-wishing for a date with the Mr.


4 thoughts on “Right Now I am…..

  1. Roman has had eczema since he was born. At times I’m more on top of it than others. But seeing him scratching in his sleep always makes me be more diligent. There are many things out there you can try. And I can tell you, from talking to lots of other families with eczema, that each case can be different. After MUCH trial and error, we have found that Vanicream 1 to 2 times a day works best for Roman. But about once a week I’ll have to apply a prescription steroid cream (2% hidrocortizone) to the backs of his legs. At it’s best, we only apply Vanicream once every morning.

  2. Hey Liz!
    The website below has some really good info on eczema, including some great OTC meds (vanicream is a good one) & home remedies like cold compresses, humidifiers, etc. However, if those don’t work by themselves, there are some good prescription meds to add (such as triamcinolone or Rx strength hydrocortisone like Beca mentioned above). Also, I found that with a patient of mine that it helped to keep her from itching when we wrapped the itchy area (not tight) with ACE bandages or roller gauze during the times when she felt the itchiest….however, don’t keep this on 24/7 either or you’ll have other problems. 😉 With a little one like Lucia, also keep washing those hands and watch for skin infection symptoms that would need an antibiotic (redness, warmth, green or yellow drainage, fever). Everyone’s eczema is a little different, but some combo of things on this website should do the trick!


    Praying for your nausea to go away soon!

  3. You and the Mr. can have a date night while we are there during Thanksgiving. Nana and Grandpa will babysit 🙂 Hmm, I have an even better idea! You, Ryan, Jim and I can go out and let Matt babysit 🙂 Just kidding! Not sure what Matt would say about that!

  4. Liz:
    Greg and I will take your kids for a night! Would they panic sleeping over here? If they would, we could at least take them here until late into the night so you can enjoy each other. Maybe you’re too sick, but the offer stands. I’m gone the rest of this week, but we’d LOVE to have them next week or the following week (or both!). If you want, email me! I think you have my email. The other option is that I am home on Tuesday’s and could take one or both (don’t know Jameson’s school schedule) after CBS. It would be about NOON and I would love to keep your kids until Ryan is done with work. Then you could take a real nap! Let me know.

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