Our pumpkins

The kids were so excited to paint their own pumpkins this year.  And Jameson named our jack o lantern “felicity” (which is ironic, because thats what he named last years pumpkin).   I guess when you think you’ve got something good going, you should stick with it?  What a guy.

I haven’t shared some big news with you yet.. I’m back at work two days a week.  Its been a push for me to get there in the morning and stay until the clock says 4:30pm, but I’m doing it!  (If there is one thing pregnancy and childbirth has taught me… its that I’m a lot stronger then I thought I was).  I was out of work for a month, so its good to be back and getting out of the house for a paycheck.   And- I only have nine weeks left and my job is done.  Our entire department will be laid off the beginning of 2012.  Prior to finding out we were pregnant, I was making other plans for the New Year.. but now the plan is that I’ll stay home.  Crazy!  I’m still processing.  The thought excites me because I LOVE being a mom.  The thought scares me because I love working and being productive.  The job of being a full time stay at home mom is much bigger then anything I can do in the working world.  So, we’ll take it a step at a time.  This next year is going to be a big one!


2 thoughts on “Pumpkins

  1. Great job on the pumpkins! The kids DO look excited 🙂
    I know next year will bring some definite changes in your life. Being a stay home mom is often more difficult and challenging than working at a job outside of the home. Looking back though, I wouldn’t trade being able to stay home with my boys for anything.

  2. You won’t miss out on anything in your kids lives this way. It is sad when I feel like I am not seeing my little Kai grow up when I am working full time. I am happy for you that this door opened up to you that you can stay home. Are you still planning on selling Norwax?

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