Something New

Do you remember when I mentioned that our dryer was dying here?  Well, it died.  For as unexciting it is to spend lots of money on a new dryer that only I use and no one appreciates enough.. I love my new dryer.

<and Jameson and Lucia love the dryer box>

We had a nice weekend here.  A mix of just being together and getting small house projects done.  Lucia is fighting a cold and Jameson is fighting with her.  Just normal days.  Today is Halloween and Jameson hasn’t stopped asking when we can go to church for their Halloween party.  We’re excited to have a party.

The Holidays seem close.  I’ve been online checking out the beautiful decorations.  This is my favorite time of the year.  This year Ryan’s family will be joining us for a Minnesota Thanksgiving (which will be the first time in nine years!)  For Christmas we’ll be at my parents just a couple hours from here.  We’re starting to make the holiday plans and Jameson is starting to make his wish list!


2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. It’s funny how kids love playing with boxes. I remember the boys enjoying playing with empty big boxes. So glad that you have a new dryer. It’s kind of hard to do without a dryer when you have two children and live in a cold climate.
    We are excited about the holidays and spending them with you guys. I wonder if we will have a “white” Thanksgiving:)

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