The cold Lucia was fighting (I mentioned at the beginning of this week).  We all have it now!  I’m blowing two little noses and trying to relieve all the sinus pressure I’m feeling. Goodness.. can water alone cure?  Its a good thing we drink it for free.

I’ve been missing my mojo.  I think it left about mid August when I started feeling extremely tired with the newness of pregnancy.  I gave up coffee the first of September. Not because I won’t drink it in moderation when I’m pregnant, just because when you’re throwing up everything… coffee looses its appeal.  But today – today I want coffee!  I want to brew the full 32 oz of french press and enjoy every drop.  This is a very good sign. Maybe my mojo is coming back?

Happy Friday, friends.

Look at these cuties that came in the mail today!  I ordered them for Jameson’s room. He is thrilled.  Three little monkeys are touring the house..


One thought on “Mojo

  1. Sorry you all have colds. My throat is sore this morning and the girl at work has been sick, so I hope I am not getting it! Bring on the vitamin C and echinacea 🙂
    Glad that you are wanting coffee again! That is a good sign.

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