Mom thinks I Rock

Tucking Jameson in I run my hand through his long brown hair.  His PJ shirt says:

mom thinks I rock”.

We had an evening with great friends tonight.  The dinner was delicious.. as was the cider and conversation.  Then as we were leaving Jameson had a tantrum.  Not a minor tantrum.  It made the good moments of the day seem distant.  He is so strong.  And some days I am not.

Thank you for all the comments and encouragement after my last post.  This new mama journey is about to begin.  I’m ready to jump in.  Tentative and bold at the same time. Because even during the ugly tantrum moments…  I think they rock.


One thought on “Mom thinks I Rock

  1. I have “been there and done that”. As you know, Ryan threw tantrums. I distinctly remember one time he threw a terrible one. I was picking him up from the nursery. I had been to a Bible study and they provided child care for the moms. Ryan was about 2-3 years old. He did not want to leave and proceeded to pitch quite a fit. I was trying to get him out, and he was screaming, kicking, etc. I felt like all the other moms were looking at me thinking why can’t you control your kid? Plus, I had just left this great Bible study and now I felt like beating my child. What kind of mother was I.!!!!! Ah, memories …….. but as the saying goes, “this too shall pass.”

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