Sweet Things

A birthday weekend should include:

1) a girlfriend shopping date to the new local shop Checkered Corner.

2) new paint on the living room walls.  Due to my pregnant state, I asked Ryan to paint the living room for me as my birthday gift.  He’s a good man.  They call the color “cumberland fog”.  (Pictures to follow when its complete)

3) a date afternoon with my favorite man.  Ryan wrote me the sweetest birthday card this year.  He rarely gets emotional or sappy.. RARELY.  So, when he writes me long cards.. this tender heart melts into- a- puddle.  More in love then the first birthday I shared with him a decade ago.

And what makes a date even better?  Having babysitters take your kids and love on them like their own!  One of the moms from our church home volunteered to keep our kids after reading this post.  Sweet Sweet.  The kids had a blast today.  In fact, Jameson already would like to know when he can go back.  THANK YOU JOHNSONS!  I think you’re angels.

Sweet things.  A new year beginning.


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