Two Days

When I was younger I was sure if santa existed then my Nanny Juntunen worked for him.  (my mom’s mom).  Every year she’d sing We Need A Little Christmas as she served delicious treats and wore a santa hat.  She brought large black garbage bags filled to the brim which were hidden within minutes of her arrival.  I later discovered those bags held treasures to fill our stockings.  She is pure joy at the holidays my Nanny!

Tuesday starts our holidays.  Ryan’s brother Matt comes first.  Then Wednesday… Ryan’s parents.  I made a huge grocery list today, planned meals, and did some extra cleaning. And as I walked through the living room, our Lucia was in the right spirit too:

Happy early Thanksgiving, friends.  I hope your holiday is grand.

-with a thankful heart-


One thought on “Two Days

  1. Looks like Lucia is cooking up something really good! I DO hope that you are not going to a lot of trouble, Liz. We are coming to visit and help you out, not to make more work! We are looking forward to spending time with each one of you.

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