We Wait

We had our ultrasound Friday.  The night before Ryan and I were lying in bed anticipating/talking about the next morning.  In the past an ultrasound has meant finding out the sex of our babies.  That has been the “eventful” part of our ultrasounds.

On Friday one minute we were thrilled to see our baby moving and whole and then a minute later something was wrong.  Time stopped.

I’ve struggled the past days on what I wanted to share here.  I need to write and I knew if I sat down it would come out. Here is real life for us right now-

On Friday we were told our baby has a Choroid Plexus Cyst (a cyst on the brain).   The cyst itself is not harmful to the baby, and typically goes away on its own.  Still, its rare.. about 1-3% of fetuses will develop a CPC. When a CPC is found, the radiologist scrutinizes every other body part to look for abnormalities: heart, head, hands, feet, or stunted growth of the baby (an hour and a half ultrasound in our case).  If nothing else is found, this would be a case of an isolated CPC.  In our case, our baby is measuring small for a due date of April 15th.  This makes the CPC look like a greater risk for our baby because it could mean there is another reason for the cyst.   So what does this mean?  We wait. We pray the cyst leaves.

I’ll go back for another detailed ultrasound in a few weeks.  Until then- we need to be patient.  I need to remind myself that anything could happen to any of my babies at any time.  For as much as I long to protect and carry this baby, I have no control over its life. I’m choosing to trust now and again and again.  Because thats all I can do.

Its hard.


11 thoughts on “We Wait

  1. My prayers for you and this baby are with you! My son Darren was also diagnosed, through ultra sound with the same thing! We give thanks that he was born with no problems!! Take care!!!

  2. It’s so hard to wait and worry. I will be praying for you and Ryan in the coming months. And be praying for Baby Underwood, for good health, and healing of where ever it is needed.

  3. If it is any consolation, both (yes, BOTH) of the girls had the same thing. The ultrasound “expert” at the clinic that I go to never gave us any reason to be afraid and both times it went away. Also, both times, I had smaller, but healthy baby girls. I hope that this helps! It is easy to get really afraid of something when you’ve never been through it before. And I was afraid the first time around, but with Anne, we knew it was all going to be okay.:)

  4. Ohhhh Liz…..I can’t only imagine everything you are feeling and going through right now. I’ll be praying for you for sure, that the Lord would meet you in this time of waiting! Our pastor taught this last Sunday on God meeting us in the unexpected place in life of waiting. Psalm 40:1. How when we wait, we need to be waiting for God himself….not just seeking the answer to or deliverance from our struggle. Our focus needs to be on the Lord….when it says He inclined to me that literally translates “bending of the knees”. It’s a picture of God bending down to us -much like we would to get on a child’s level. Then pulling us out of our distress and seting us secure in Him. Anyways just thought I’d share that. I’ll be praying for you!

  5. Praying for you. With my first ultra sound with Jonah they told us that he had an increased nucal fold which could mean he has a chromosonal disorder. I remember how stunned I was hearing the words that maybe something was wrong. I too was sent for a more detailed utra sound and found out it was within normal range, and he was fine. In the days that I waited, it was difficult not knowing. I remember that feeling of knowing I had to trust God with whatever he would choose, and I pray for strength for you as you wait. We will pray for everything to be just right and healthy for your baby.

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